Amsterdam Roest

Zentie fell in love with drum and bass and all it's subgenres at the age of 14 in his hometown (Budapest) in 2004. Ten years fast-forward, music becoming his greatest passion, he started experimenting with creating his own mix series during the time he was living in Edinburgh. Soon he carved out his own sound from the style and created mixes that truly takes the audience for a journey. He represents the soulful, chilled side of the style, but he's not afraid to progress into deep, techy or energetic liquid drum and bass if he's feeling the vibe or the crowd desires it. Constantly keeping himself up to date with the best recent releases, he knows the classics, digs deep in the crates for the best records and digital releases to blend the future, past and present - and make it a truly emotional experience for the listeners.

Booking: szentivanyiandras@gma

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